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Writer and Artist

I am a writer and artist whose work centres around language. I make text-based art, visual poetry and socially engaged pieces with an emphasis on gender and the role language plays in its construction. My work has been included in publications by Illagrypho Press, Samfiftyfour, HOAX publication, aurapoesiavisual, the6ress and more. I am also an editor for the Berlin-based literary journal FU Review and I am currently working on my debut visual poetry collection, to be published this year by Paper View Independent Publishing.

As a freelance writer, I have experience in content and article writing, proofreading, editing, copywriting and academic writing. I work for InstaByte Media GmbH (as a copywriter and content creator) and write culture-orientated articles for online publication Berlin Loves You.


Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Manchester School of Art, 2015-2016
BA English Literature, 1st Class, University of Manchester, 2016–2019

Currently based in Berlin

Instagram: kldwriting

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