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My creative work combines my academic interest in gender studies, linguistics and the philosophy of language with my passion for visual art and poetry.

Each poem reckons with its own materiality, always asking if the utterance could be said differently, if it could be read in a different way. For centuries, privileged minorities have dominated discourse and the world this discourse dictates. As such, problems of articulation are never confined to the individual. 
My work is a playful and vivid exploration of articulability and the inexplicable connection between what we say and how we say it. My aim is to ask the reader-viewer, in as far-reaching a sense as possible, to perceive differently.

My visual poetry has been included in publications by Illagrypho Press, Samfiftyfour, aurapoesiavisual, HOAX publication and the6ress.

Follow my Instagram @kldwriting to stay up to date on my work.

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